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11:49pm on February 18th, 2014

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      I’m helping curate this & you should send photos. DO IT!
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      Jordan and I are curating this so…ENTER NOW!!
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    Hello everyone! We are super excite to announce we are curating the fourth installment of the Oranbeg NET series. We’re calling this one “I Fear For My Safety” and check out the prompt and submission guidelines below:

    To the one who needs no introduction,

    All has fallen quiet. 

    While memories of us hand in hand often fill my mind, I fear the hell that surrounds me may soon reach the deepest parts of my being. It is a fear that all of us here know, and one I hope never to share with you. The children may soon forget who I am, and maybe even you will believe Odysseus has taken me to be his oarsman. 

    Oh my sweet dearest, I will not accept that I am the only one who cannot reach that light, for the light is you, I, and us. I am forever yours, my dear, yet I am soon to start a journey only shared by those who have given up the ghost and the gods. And so I shall leave you with this…

    I fear for my safety.

    - E.

    Submission guidelines: Due March 15th, 2014 at midnight. Please submit to up to 5 images for consideration (sRGB, JPG, 2000 pixels). Send as a ZIP file. Also please include: Title, Series (if relevant) and your web url.

    Tell everyone you know, we’re excited for this melodrama to play out!